Manufacturing Accelerator Program (MAP)

Manufacturing Accelerator Program (MAP)

NYSEG and RG&E will provide matching grants up to the lesser of $15,000 or 40% of the costs incurred by eligible applicants whose top management commits the time and resources to productivity improvement projects such as Lean manufacturing, Lean office procedures, waste reduction, ISO quality programs and other projects that lower costs, improve quality and reduce lead times.

In addition, the MAP will provide matching grants up to the lesser of $15,000 or 50% to fund growth-targeted activities such as new product development, export initiatives, sales and marketing system improvements, and other projects designed to increase revenue.

Applicants who choose to commit time and resources to both productivity and growth initiatives will be eligible for grants of up to $40,000 or 60% (whichever is less) of the costs incurred to implement such transformative programs.

The MAP will provide funding for applicants willing to commit their efforts to growth projects that can combine improved productivity with innovations in products, processes and markets to increase revenue and help secure the firm’s long term future.

  • The program will be administered by the awarded high tech advocacy organization within a given region.
  • The awarded organization will assemble an independent screening and selection committee that will review all applications for MAP awards, and select the most promising businesses for inclusion in the program.
  • The project must be within the company’s service area.
  • Recipient must be the owner or leaseholder of facility and must be current in payments to the company or have a deferred payment agreement in place and current (existing customers).
  • To be eligible for this program, the applicant must:
    • Be an SC-2, SC-3, SC-7, SC-8 customer in good standing within the NYSEG/RG&E service areas
    • Be a business that is classified as Manufacturing (NAICS codes 31, 32 or 33)
    • Execute an agreement that commits top management to the productivity and/or growth improvement contemplated by the MAP
    • Provide evidence of funding from the company and other sources that is sufficient to complete the proposed project. The company must provide a minimum of 25% of the total funding from its own capital.

Please contact a NYSEG/RG&E economic development representative to check on the availability of funding assistance under the economic development programs. Click here to email us.

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