Small Business Customer COVID-19 Relief Program – Electric Customers

Small Business Customer COVID-19 Relief Program – Electric Customers

A program to provide economic development grant assistance to existing small businesses as of March 16, 2020 (consistent with the Governor’s Executive Orders).

This program is available to all electric nonresidential, demand billing customers that do not qualify under the Large Business Customer COVID-19 Relief Program.

The primary intent of this program is focused on economic recovery and retention efforts such as retention of businesses, jobs and planned capital expenditures.

  • One-time grant assistance per customer (business partner)
  • Up to $15,000 per project/application, 100 % of eligible assistance.
  • Assistance is independent of other assistance either committed or already funded by local, state, or federal agencies.
  • Applicant must demonstrate and certify that the request for funding assistance is associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples could include receipt of payment under the federal government’s Payment Protection Plan, loans or other supplemental funding sources from governmental agencies to help support continued employment.
  • This program and application process will remain in place until a date determined by the Companies in consultation with Department of Public Service Staff or the New York State Public Service Commission.
  • Utility payments to NYSEG/RG&E should be current, and if not, any grant amount will first be used to bring the payments current, and the remaining amount would be provided to the customer.
  • Program assistance shall be electric only and may include the following; cybersecurity services for a remote workforce, consulting services to develop cybersecurity/incidence preparedness/strategic organizational/business continuity plans, workforce training/development, retention and recruitment, enhanced energy efficiency assistance, engineering redesign services, cleaning/disinfecting services for facilities and associated inspections prior to returning to the workplace, consulting services to assist with changes in business processes for more effective operation during pandemic (i.e., restaurant shift to take-out services), consulting services to help develop enhanced standards/procedures and new policies, educational services to help maintain employee habits in this new working environment, and additional electric infrastructure only, which may be required to change business processes. 
  • Must be a NYSEG/RG&E electric service customer or leaseholder of landlord who is an electric service customer of NYSEG/RG&E.

If you have questions about our program, please contact our implementation contractor ICF at 855.846.2982 or send an email to

Please contact a NYSEG/RG&E economic development representative to check on the availability of funding assistance under the economic development programs. Click here to email us.

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