Power QualityReliability Program

Power Quality/Reliability Program

NYSEG and RG&E will provide up to 50% of the equipment cost required for power reliability or power quality improvements to be installed behind the meter with a maximum contribution of up to $100,000.

Under this program, the company, in consultation with the customer and/or its representatives, would make the final determination/assessment of the customer need for power quality equipment to address power quality issues behind the meter.

In addition, as part of the maximum contribution of up to $100,000, the company will also provide up to $20,000 toward a feasibility study. The customer would have to invest at least 33.33% toward the total cost of a study.

  • Facility must be within the company's service territory.
  • Recipient must be the owner or leaseholder of facility and must be current in payments to the company or have a deferred payment agreement in place and current (existing customers).
  • Business use must be classified under the following general categories: agriculture*, forestry, fishing, mining, manufacturing, wholesale trade durable goods, wholesale trade non-durable goods, finance, insurance, real estate, business services, clean technologies, regional warehouses and distribution centers, colleges/universities and hospitals/health care facilities**, and projects that are endorsed by one of Empire State Development’s (ESD) Regional Economic Development Councils and/or the Governor’s office.

    *Agriculture includes the craft beverage industry for wineries, distilleries, micro-breweries, farm cideries, etc. 

    **Colleges/universities and health care facilities must demonstrate that project for economic development assistance goes beyond typical educational facilities/dormitories/traditional health care occupancy and promotes research and development and/or state-of-the-art technologies/best practices, centers of excellence, that foster regional economic development benefits.

Please contact a NYSEG RG&E economic development representative to check on the availability of funding assistance under the economic development programs. Click here to email us.

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